Follow Up on Inclusion


Following the FICE Congress 2013 on 'Ways Towards Inclusion' in Bern (Switzerland) and the Youth-Practice-Exchange, a four year project was established that aims to promote the congress theme in the various country sections of FICE and to support the sections in their corresponding endeavours during these years.

Member of various national sections of FICE International have now joined a Working Group on Inclusion to continue the work on the topic and to develop ways and means of its implementation for FICE International, for the Platforms, and for individual members.

Its work will be based on information gathered at the Congress 2013, on the presentations given there, on the results of the Youth-Practice-Exchange, as well as on past, current, and planned activities of individual members. Outcomes will be published here and an interim report will be presented at the 2016 Congress.


For further questions on ‚Inclusion‘, please don’t hesitate to contact Roland Stübi, coordinator of the working group: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.