Zeljka Burgund

Experienced in youth care field in Serbia. Social worker, author of training programs in the field of family and children protection, trainer and manager. Oriented at strengthening family capacities and parental competencies in order to prevent family separation. Master trainer, active in country and region of South East Europe (PRIDE Program and Family Group Conference model). 
Working in Center for protection of infants, children and youth in Belgrade. Manager of National counseling services for children and parents (SOS Child Help Line/NADEL Serbia and Parent Line Serbia/ROLIN).
Founder and President of national FICE Serbia Network.
Strongly committed to solving issues related with complex challenges of leaving care; Motivated to establish, develop and maintain different level of networks which support professionals, customers (children, youth, families) as well as community based services and organizations.

Key factors for becoming independent






Isa Maria Guará

Master and PhD in Social Work. Professor in the Professional Master in Youth in Conflict with the Law at Anhanguera University of Sao Paulo where she is involved in research in subjects like social education, methodologies and practices in social education. She is member of the Advisory Council of CENPEC- Centre for Studies and Research in Education, Culture and Action Community. She is a member of the Research Projects Committee of the Association of Researchers of the Research Centers Committee on Children and Adolescents (NECA), where she is organizing the FICE BRAZIL and the Mobilization Take good care of me.

Child and Youth Care in the Latin American Context (together with Dayse Cesar Franco Bernardi)




Gitta Griffioen

Director, Jarabee Jeugdzorg in Twente. President FICE Netherlands. President FICE Europe.

Motivation: I believe it is important to bring together the knowledge and experience of professionals in youthcare all over the world. Together we can support professionals in the questions and solutions when growing up is difficult for children and families. This for and together with children and families, and also together with local authorities, when special care is needed.

Sexual Abuse in Residential Youth Care





Bettina Terp

Social Pedagogue and Mediator
Working in residential child care run by the municipality of the City of Vienna in the Department for Youth and Families since August 1993.
Head of a Social Pedagogic Region in Vienna
Tutor at the College of Higher Education for Social Pedagogic in Vienna.
Active in FICE Austria and FICE International since 2003. National Co-ordinator and Cross National Team Facilitator for the Quality4Children project. Secretary General of FICE International since 2011.

Social Pedagogy and Child and Youth Care in Austria




Anna M. Suñer i Damon.

She has a Degree in Psychology (University of Barcelona) and  Infant Education (University of Girona), she is qualified as a social worker and family mediator. She has a Master degree in direction and management of social non-profit organizations (University of Barcelona).
She is currently director of residential services and support for people. She is the manager of Resilis Foundation (that provides residential services for child care and develops support programs for children, youngsters and families)  and of  Childhood and family Foundation (that develops  foster care services that include awareness rising and promotion of foster care, provision of family spaces, family support groups , evaluation and training of families).
She is the coordinator of the Catalan Childhood Platform (PINCAT) and member of the board at the Spanish Federation of Entities with Projects and Assisted Homes (FEPA).

Foster care



   Monica Gutierrez

Monica Gutierrez is a member of the ‘Rights of the Child’ team, her areas of expertise with respect to the FRA’s work include: the rights of the child; gender equality and mainstreaming, and related methodologies; socio-legal research.She has managed several projects in areas such as child protection and juvenile justice – ranging from South-East Europe through to Central Asia and South America. She previously worked for the Human Rights Institute Pedro Arrupe at the University of Deusto, and has also worked for the OSCE, UNICEF and a number of NGOs in a variety of roles.
She holds a masters in law and a post-graduate degree on international aid with a focus on international human rights law.

Rights of the Child (together with David Hagen)




Shigeyuki Mori

A clinical psychologist, PhD (Pedagogy). After having been working as a psychotherapist at a children’s home along with a teaching job at Konan University (Kobe, Japan), got involved in related areas like child abuse prevention, social pedagogy in general(though this concept has not well introduced into Japan). Currently the chair of prefectural government board to advance social pedagogy. Recently, conducting a research project to examine the multi factor relationships between adverse experiences before placement, home environment, and children’s present well being.

Quality Assurance




Katharina Glawischnig

Katharina Glawischnig studied law and international development. For three years she worked as legal advice in the refugee sector. Since two years she works with asylkoordination österreich, Austria's umbrella organization for refugee NGOs and is Austria's expert on unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. She is member of the steering committee of the National Coalition on children's rights and of the Separated children in Europe Program.

Unaccompanied Minors (together with Stefan Bauer)




Dale Curry

Dale Curry is Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Kent State University. He is a leader in the area of human services training and development serving as an Executive Board member for the National Staff Development and Training Association and a founding member of the Child and Youth Care Certification Board. He has authored approximately 125 publications and technical reports and conducted more than 150 conference presentations. He also serves as the editor of Training and Development in Human Services and co-editor of the Journal of Child and Youth Care Work.

Child and Youth Care in the North American Context (together with Andrew Schneider Munoz)




Malay Dewanji

President FICE India; B.Sc.; B.A. (Economics), M.A. (Sociology), M. Phil (Sociology)

1978 – 2006: William Carey Study and Research Centre (WCSRC), Kolkata, Senior Asst. Director, responsible for the Caste- class Studies in the whole Eastern India. Founder General Secretary of the Liberal Association for Movement of People (LAMP) Kolkata, India (www.lamp-ngo-india.in)

Various research activities in the fields of people's empowerment especially children’s rights, development and empowerment and public administration published in national and international seminars, conferences and magazines. Author of more than 100 research papers and articles. He has written many books and has edited a few volumes published in English and Bengali.
In 1997 he has been elected Secretary General of the All India Association of Voluntary Agencies (AIAVA). He is a life member of the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA); Asiatic Society, Kolkata; Hind Kustha Nivaran Samity and the Indo German Association, Kolkata.

Child and Youth Care in the Asian context



  Elizabeth Baum-Breuer


DSA Mag. (FH) Dr.phil. Elizabeth Baum-Breuer, Director of the Pottenstein Children's and Youth Home in Lower Austria and Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. Extensive experience in international social work (International Council on Social Welfare) and Child- and Youth Welfare. Trained social worker (London and Vienna). Doctorate in Education from the University of Vienna. Dissertation on Transnational Adoptions. Further research fields: Outreach family support and biography work for children in care.






Heather Modlin 

Heather Modlin has worked with young people in residential care for more than 25 years. Currently, she is employed as Provincial Director of Key Assets Newfoundland and Labrador. Heather is a founding board member and treasurer of the Child and Youth Care Educational Accreditation Board of Canada and a board member of the Child and Youth Care Certification Board and the International Child and Youth Care Network. Heather is a PhD candidate and sessional instructor in Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria

New Approaches in Child and Youth Care and Best Practices





Andrew Schneider-Munoz

Dr. Schneider-Munoz, CYC-P is a certified child and youth care worker and serves as President of the Association of Child and Youth Care Practice, which is the national professional development association in the USA. A Harvard-trained child psychologist and anthropologist, he is the Editor of the Journal of Child and Youth Care Work and has more than twenty publications on youth work practice and research published in sixteen countries. He was an early leader of the professional certification movement for youth workers and also co-founded the Protean Institute for Intergenerational and Economic Development.

Child and Youth Care in the North American context (together with Dale Curry)




Anna Schmid

Dr. phil. Anna Schmid is lecturer at the School of Social work of the Zürich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, focussing on organisations and quality in social services. Her special interest lies in child and youth care, having been socialised into it by a grassroots movement in Brazil and children and adolescents from situations of high risk in 20 years of collaboration. In addition, she works with actors of child and youth care in Switzerland and in Hungary. She is board member of FICE Switzerland, ist representative in FICE International, and gives assistance in the creation of FICE Brazil.

Juvenile Justice (together with Roland Stübi)




Emmanuel Grupper

Professor Emmanuel Grupper is Head of School of Education and Social Studies at the Ono Academic College in Israel and a senior lecturer in the Child and Youth care department at Beit Berl Academic College. Emmanuel Grupper began his professional career as a direct youth care worker in a residential youth village for adolescents, and continued to head a residential school and then residential care supervisor. His most recent position was head of the Division of Education & Guidance in Residential schools in the Israeli Ministry of Education. 

His research approach is based on educational Anthropology, and his topics are various aspects of residential education and care facilities for youth at risk (including unaccompanied minors). Another focus in his academic work are the training and professional identity of youth care workers who work with these adolescents, including their professional Ethics.

Prof. Grupper is internationally active in these areas, and has been elected Vice-President of FICE – the International Federation of Educative Communities, where he also chairs the Editorial Board.

Residential Education and Care




Jana Hainsworth

Jana Hainsworth joined Eurochild as Secretary General in January 2006.  Eurochild is the key civil society network promoting children's rights and well-being in Europe, bringing together over 170 member organisations from across 35 countries.  In May 2015 Jana was elected President of Social Platform, the umbrella of social civil society networks in Europe.  

Jana has extensive experience and expertise in EU advocacy, social policy, children's rights and well-being, and organisational development.  Prior to joining Eurochild she has worked in private consultancy in the field of communications and sustainable development. She has also coordinated a network of youth long-term volunteer organisations in Europe.  She has a masters degree in environment, development and policy and a bachelor degree in Natural Sciences.  She has lived in Belgium since 1997 and had two young daughters.





Jennifer Brooker

Jennifer is the Youth Work Coordinator at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) where she works closely with the youth industry for more than 8 years in both the Higher Education and Vocational Education areas to provide industry-focused training and learning for youth work students.

Her passion for international youth work and the training of youth workers has led to her pursuing her PhD in this area, which she will submit early next year. This work has led to many opportunities including becoming the Australian representative on the FICE Federal Council.


 Child and Youth Care in the Pacific context




Simon Peter Otieno

Simon Peter Otieno holds a Bachelor Degree in Development Studies with Information Technology from Maseno University and basic knowledge in Pharmaceutical Technology from NMTC. He is currently pursuing a Masters program in Research and Public Policy at Maseno University.

The former Student Leader of The Student Organization of Maseno University City Campus (SOMU) is currently the President of The International Federation of Educative Communities Kenyan Section (FICE-K) and The Founding Member/Project Manager of Make Me Smile Kenya. This does not exclude the position of Personal Assistant of the Executive Committee Member for Treasury in the County Government of Kisumu the position he held for a period of one year. He is currently managing a workforce of 78 staff with a direct beneficiary block of over 3200 orphans and vulnerable children. He has represented the two Organizations (FICE-K and MMS-K) in different high profile International conferences.

He has contributed immensely to the promotion, care, support of social protection through the social determinants of health directly, for instance, Education, Psychosocial Support, Health, Food/Nutrition, Shelter, Protection and Care.


 Child and Youth Care in the African context